HP ProLiant DL Servers HP ProLiant ML Servers Dell PowerEdge Servers
      HP DL Rack Mount Servers
HP ProLiant DL 100 Server

  • Simple, powerful and affordable 2-processor rack mount servers
  • Suited for SMB & HPC environments and single-tier architectures
  • Deploy for networking, file-and-print, and shared internet access
HP ProLiant DL 300 Server

  • Versatile, general-purpose 1- 2 processor rack mount servers
  • Perfect for enterprise data centers and sophisticated SMB environments
  • Deploy for e-mail and database applications, and front-end network applications
HP ProLiant DL 500 Server

  • Scalable, workhorse 4-processor rack mount servers
  • Ideal for compute-intensive and mission-critical applications
  • Messaging platforms, large databases, ERP and CRM applications
HP ProLiant DL 700 Server

  • Highly expandable 8 processor rack mount servers
  • Delivering leading headroom and flexible expansion
  • Deploy for large virtualization and consolidation environments
HP ProLiant DL 900 Server

  • Scale up x86 workhorse blending industry standard economies with advanced mission critical capabilities.
  • Featuring HP PREMA Architecture for balanced scaling, self healing resiliency and breakthrough efficiency
  • Ideal for data intensive enterprise workloads, including business processing and decision support.
HP ProLiant Multi Node Servers

  • Flexible design for integrated solutions
  • 4-in-1 efficiency
  • Double the density in an industry standard design
      HP ProLiant ML Servers
HP ProLiant ML100 Servers

  • Powerfully simple, affordable 1-2 processor servers
  • Suited for SMB environments and single-tier architectures
  • Deploy for networking, file-and-print, shared Internet access, HPC clusters
HP ProLiant ML300 Servers

  • 1 and 2 processor servers with enterprise level management (iLO)
  • Max internal storage and I/O flexibility
  • Industry-leading performance and scalability
Other ProLiant ML offerings

  • ProLiant Storage servers
  • HP ProLiant ML110 G5 Storage Server Affordable tower platform, fast to deploy and easy to manage
  • HP ProLiant ML350 G5 Storage Server Versatile and easy management for file and print serving
      PowerEdge Servers
PowerEdge T Servers

For businesses looking to start and build out their server network, including connectivity and providing the ability to grow with their business.

PowerEdge R  Servers

Minimize floor space, ideal for customers with multiple servers or with limited storage space

PowerEdge Rack Encloser

Secure and Manageable.Consolidate hardware and speed installation with Dell rack enclosures.

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