PN-L702B/PN-L602B | High Impact and the Ease of Touch-Screen Interaction

As a highly intuitive integrated touch-screen LCD monitor, the PN-L702B makes conventional presentation tools look out of touch with the communication needs of businesses and academic institutions. Its bright, energy-efficient LED backlighting and large, 70-inch high-resolution display provide maximum satisfaction both to the user and the viewer. Whether installed in a boardroom, sales floor, or auditorium, the PN-L702B delivers your message with greater impact.

Simple and Intuitive User Interface
Developed specifically for Sharp touch-screen LCD monitors, Sharp Pen Software allows anyone to smoothly and easily operate the 70-inch PN-L702B. Once documents created on any application software have been imported as images and displayed on the touch-screen, users can quickly write and draw directly on the screen surface using the touch pen or a finger. Screen images can be enlarged or rotated, and handwritten notations such as text and drawings can be selected and moved around. What’s more, everything on the screen can be saved or exported for printout, making it easy to keep accurate records of brainstorming sessions and meetings.

Enhanced Touch-Screen Response & Dual-Touch Interface

The PN-L702B’s integration of a high-quality LCD panel and a highly sensitive touch-screen makes for easy communication. For heightened touch-screen responsiveness and stress-free onscreen writing, the PN-L702B employs Sharp’s proprietary infrared detection system featuring multiple infrared sensors that locate the position of the user’s finger or the touch pen with impressive speed and accuracy. The PN-L702B also supports dual-touch* function, which lets the user scroll a page with two fingers and enlarge then shrink an image by simply spreading two fingers apart and then bringing them together. * When used with computers running Windows� 7

Convenient Versatility
A versatile multi-tasker, the PN-L702B/L602B can be used as a touch-control presentation tool, as interactive digital signage, and as part of a video conferencing system that enables smooth real-time exchanges between remote locations. With its large screen and high image quality, the PN-L702B/L602B puts business and classroom communications on high-impact, interactive display and gives video conference participants a true, shared sense of “being there”—regardless of actual distance apart.

Outstanding Image Quality
For the display of bright whites, vivid colours, and deep blacks, the PN-L702B/L602B’s 70/60-inch LCD panel incorporates Sharp’s UV2A* technology, which ensures highly efcient backlighting and prevents light leakage. The PN-L702B’s full-array LED backlight and the PN-L602B’s edge-lit LED backlight provide easy readability and reliable performance—all with low power consumption. * UV2A stands for “Ultraviolet-induced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment,” a photo-alignment technology that ensures uniform alignment of liquid crystal molecules in a certain direction.

User-Friendly Design
The PN-L702B/L602B was designed with user friendliness in mind. For easy access, the power ON/OFF button is located on the lower front of the monitor, and the input/output terminals are vertically aligned on one side of the monitor.

MFP* Connectivity for Fast and Easy Operation
Connecting the PN-L702B to a Sharp MFP with colour-scanning function makes for faster, smoother communication. Documents and images scanned from the MFP can be imported directly to the pen software for display on the PN-L702B. For added convenience, image data shown on the PN-L702B—including notations—can be saved to a PC or sent directly to an MFP for printout. * Multifunction printer

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